Chanimal Testimonials

Following are testimonials about the Chanimal services. There are over 50 more testimonials, including feedback on the Chanimal training at the bottom of the Chanimal University home page.

Rick Chapman

Ted Finch is one of high-tech’s most knowledgable and effective channel specialists. Ted has worked extensively as a top executive with resellers.

Ted is not only a man of high integrity, but he leverages a very analytical, data-centric, approach to decisions… His experience with the channel is extensive.

channel marketing

I am on an amazing journey of discovery…with Ted, as we design our reseller channel program. Ted uses “micro consulting” …incredible business model.

I have never met a more honorable man. Ted is a rare combination of extreme knowledge, high energy, and unique creativity.

Ted… launched more products in the first quarter than ever before, got us more press than we’ve ever received, and established an ROI based approach to marketing.

Harold Horgan

Ted is an expert on channel development…Ted’s work has always been highly regarded. I have no hesitation in recommending Ted.

He has the rare ability to tie practical channel logistics to top-level corporate strategy. Ted’s working style is excellent.

I had no idea how deep Ted could go with analyzing our existing channel program and strategy in under one month’s time. His mission is NOT to lead you into longer and more expensive engagements but to deliver value in any time period you hire him. Ted under promised and over delivered for me. His repeatable processes, templates, and deep experience enable him to cover more ground faster than anyone I’ve ever seen.

…clearly not Ted’s first rodeo. He brings a wealth of experience and has given us a dramatic head-start in setting up a competitive reseller program.

He is a strategic thinker who pushes the marketing boundaries to get companies the kind of visibility needed to attract & retain customers.

Ted is one of the most talented channel executives I know in the high-tech industry.  If he doesn’t have an immediate answer he has a huge network that he taps into.

If there is a shortage of staff to do all the work Ted even manages to find very able interns to assist. He certainly has every angle covered and cannot be recommended enough.

If you are an intern that is lucky enough to be considered as a candidate for an internship with Ted, fight to get it and be ready to learn ALOT. He is the best manager I have worked with so far because he is not only great at finding talent but he is really great at actually teaching you his methods. He is very patient, extremely knowledgeable, and delegates tasks confidently.

You did a very good job with us Ted, also see the killer positioning (tag line and essence/promise) of both products.  Thanks Ted for your help!

Ted and I crossed paths at Virtus (formed Red Storm Entertainment with Tom Clancy), where he energized the company’s direct marketing and channel partner efforts. The ideas and programs he invented had dramatic impact, and he was a nice guy too!

Ted is a high performer and delivers astounding results both tactically and strategically in the role of a marketing leader. And with a great passion for winning in the marketplace, Ted knows how to turn ideas into action while building strong results-oriented teams.

Ted has incredible expertise as a marketer and is a great resource for the understanding a marketing approach selection, the interpretation of the results of a demand generation activity, and overall manage resources to execute an effective marketing campaign.

Ted looks for what is extraordinary in employees and figures out how to leverage it for his company’s advantage. In me, he saw an evangelist in a product management role.

Professional, knowledgeable and results oriented. Ted has been a class act and knows his business. He truly added value to our organization and I would hire his services again in a heartbeat.

Ted Finch’s methods enabled me to make the right marketing decisions for my business.

It’s been a pleasure to work with a true sales expert, whose sales and training methodology has both an immediate and lasting impact. Ted is honest, refreshingly blunt, and successful in shifting our team’s focus on activities and skills that drive sales. A pleasing side benefit of working with Ted is the clarity around our product and positioning. I would recommend Ted Finch without hesitation.

Ted helped us get our VAR recruitment program off the ground, correcting key misconceptions and deficiencies along the way. Easy to work with and informative.

Ted Finch’s grasp on the retail channel is invaluable to expanding and growing your business. His understanding of the market and how it works cannot be matched.

Working with Chanimal has been an amazing experience. Ted helped us to better position our company and helped our team members gain skills that would be valuable in any industry.

Ted Finch has proven to be one of the best channel marketing professionals in the industry.

Ted’s marketing expertise is top-notch. Having worked with Ted at two different companies, I noticed his keen ability to quickly determine the market for the product and develop marketing plans and strategy.

Without Ted Finch, the ‘Chanimal,’ I would not have known where to start our reseller program.  Having such incredible guidance and insight into the professional reseller world enabled our Company to flourish in the mid-market.

Even with small challenges encountered and never having enough hours in the day, the undeniable benefits of your program processes are amazing to see in action. Thank you!

He really understands what the resellers want and need and he walks you through well thought out and disciplined process that at the end provides your organization with an entire program that the resellers really love.

Ted used his vast experience with brand development to help me produce awesome marketing materials for both my consulting company and product line.  If you need an expert at a very affordable price there is none better than Ted Finch!

Ted helped me spin up two channel partner programs for my clients. Ted’s insight, strategic wisdom, and his tenacity to ensure we start with a strong program, made all the difference.

With over 30 years of experience in the online marketing space, there’s no better person you could have in your corner in this competitive online market.

Chanimal has a lot of knowledge and experience in setting up successful marketing and sales programs… he has been very useful in helping us ramp up our affiliate and reseller programs in multiple companies.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ted at multiple companies. His Chanimal programs move the needle quickly and leave a structure in place than can sustain those results.

Ted has a vast amount of knowledge within the retail business and he is also a down to earth person. He is not afraid to teach what he knows and I really appreciate that.

I can say without hesitation that Ted (aka Chanimal) has been the most useful marketing person we have ever had. His advice is invaluable and well worth the money. He is also the most organized person I know.

I highly recommend Ted to assist with taking your company to the next level. His insights to what makes a product or solution successful is inspiring. I worked with Ted in two different roles and would jump at the opportunity again.

I can genuinely say that he has contributed value in multiple areas, including: marketing, product positioning, channel strategy and tactics, and channel program design.

Ted stuck with myself and through all the ups and downs it takes to create a world-class partner program. He was a great teacher, very patient and wise.

Ted helped us take a difficult concept and explain it in everyday terms. By leveraging his work, we saw immediate results. I would recommend Ted in any situation that calls for leadership, creativity, and expert know-how in channels is needed.

He was a great motivator and always encouraged his staff to grow in knowledge and experience. He allowed me to take chances and go down unknown paths, yet was always there to guide me back when he saw that the path may lead to trouble. 

deepak Singh

He combines his extensive knowledge and experience with playbook style templates for quickly creating a marketing plan that is tailored specifically for the needs of any tech company. Finally, the best part is that he then helps in systematically executing on that plan so his clients can see real results.

Thank you, Ted! You make successful marketing so easy with your endless supply of tried and tested channel management and marketing resources.

Ted’s micro consulting program is worth its weight in gold. We accomplished in 6 months what would have taken us over a year to do on our own. And it comes with a fully featured partner portal.

3 words: Trust. The. Process. Ted, while being extremely prescriptive, guided my team through the initiative and opened our eyes to so many untapped strengths and opportunities. He’s willing to meet overtime and truly invests his time and vast industry knowledge into helping his clients grow.

Ted’s expertise around objectively developing feature-based positioning, which is what I initially engaged him for, is priceless. Ted then helped us launch a comprehensive & world-class partner program (complete with full partner portal).

If you’re on the fence, I recommend you go ahead and pull the trigger. You won’t regret it. Now, as I look back, it was the wisest investment I could’ve made for my company.

Ted has a vast amount of knowledge within the retail business and he is also a down-to-earth person. He is not afraid to teach what he knows and I really appreciate that.

Ted is not only an extremely talented marketer, but he truly cares about doing good for his clients. He positioned us in a way that made lots of sense, I learned a fortune from him, and I have referred Ted’s services to a number of friends and colleagues. Great value for money and a great guy.

As a channel and partnership professional for over 20 years, meeting Ted made me feel like a novice. His knowledge and wisdom were insightful and appreciated. Working with him was an absolute pleasure and he is a true asset to anyone that plays in the partnership arena.