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Forum Rules
Please follow these rules when posting in this forum:
  • No advertisements or spam
  • No illegal activities
  • No pornographic material of any kind is allowed
  • Do not post copyrighted material without the permission of the author.
  • Please use descriptive titles, nothing like "I need help." Help with what?
  • Place your posts in the correct category
  • If you put an e-mail within the forum, expect it to get spammed (spambots like to troll forums). No e-mails of "friends." Disguise it if you must.
  • Some announcements, if it is a HIGHLY relevant product or service that applies to members of the Chanimal community.
  • Absolutely no swearing of any kind - PG only, please
  • If you voice your opinion about a product or service, or especially an individual, please make sure this is phrased as an opinion to avoid legal recourse
  • Chanimal is NOT responsible for your posts and opinions--you are. This is not a highly moderated forum, we want free discussion, just be respectful.
Thank you for reading and following these rules.
Ted Finch, CEO
Chanimal, Inc

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