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Resellers Enablement - What to do after the Orientation
I get the occasional question of what you should do after the orientation meeting (you are doing the orientation for EACH reseller--right?). Following is what I recommend:

Typically, once you've done the initial orientation, you would set up another meeting a week later to set the dates and define what your partners are going to do their first 3 months to promote the product. In this meeting, you review what promotions they have done so far that has worked for them. You also ask to see their promotional pieces (sometimes their promotion activity is correct--but their implementation didn't work) and also review all the steps (no reason eliminating direct response if you discover they had a bad list, or no call to action, or poor follow-up).

Then you decide the next three things for them to do and set up the actual dates (once per month) to do it. I typically start with 1) an email to existing customers announcing they carry the product, 2) SEO for one of their pages so they get the local leads (i.e., "Access Security Austin, TX" - you may never get this traffic because of the city--but they can), and 3) a Webinar for them to invite their customers (you would set up a Webinar schedule (Tue/Fridays, etc.) and demo the product--they also attend with their prospect(s) so they can follow up and close the deal afterward). This way they see how the product is presented and have an event to promote. It would look like this:

October 3 - Email campaign
November 2 - SEO
December 4 - Webinar events

Once these items are defined and are on the calendar, you then call them on the promotional days and you have the templates ready to go. You would create the first template for your meeting and then you can put a generic version in the portal for future use (building up your promotional content).

You then work with them hand in hand (help create the email, show them how to do campaign management and follow-up). Your job is to be consistent and help them execute at least one promotion per month--acting as their regional marketing manager (since most partners don't have a dedicated marketing person and seldom know how to promote).

Do you do anything like this? If not, what do you do?
Ted Finch, CEO
Chanimal, Inc

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