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New Channel Person - Orientation Checklist
Orientation - New Channel Sales/Marketing Orientation Checklist
  1. Review the company master plan of action, existing competitive matrix.
  2. Review every page of the channel section at . Be prepared to be tested on everything (MDF, VARs, phases of a reseller program, elements of a VAR kit, how to recruit resellers, ways to keep them motivated, software that helps you with the resellers).
  3. Review every page of the channel SALES section at:
  4. Review the sample portal site at Be prepared to be tested on everything. The levels of a program, deal registration, current promotions, different marketing tools, etc.
  5. Watch the sample 7 minute video review of the Indigo Rose portal site (look for the “Click here for quick video…” link)
  6. Review the company reseller partner program and portal site—whatever is done so far (if at all). Read EVERY document and make a long list of questions. Be prepared to be tested on our reseller agreement, our levels, lead policy, NFR copies, promotions, support capabilities, our presentations, etc.
  7. Review the outstanding deliverables for the portal site and prioritize them. Mainly competitive matrix and powerpoints. We will also do demo scripts, etc.
  8. Help complete these deliverables directly and with the intern.
  9. Review the promotional e-mail that is sent to the resellers and the way the system sent it out. (Check with Chanimal)
  10. Review a sample reseller spreadsheet (contains competitor’s resellers)
  11. Review the partner follow-up spreadsheet that shows the steps to recruit and follow-up with our reseller partners. Ask Chanimal for this sheet.
  12. Practice doing a review of our own portal—since you will need to start the orientation with the latest resellers.
  13. Work with the team to get a demo script completed. It is not that hard—watch someone give a demo and document the items shown. See samples at
  14. Contact any of our new resellers (if we have any so far) to get them through the orientation process (whatever needs to be completed). 
  15. Start the next phase of the recruiting process (send out the next batch of e-mails, follow-up via phone with those that respond, contact the good ones that don’t respond (they are often very receptive, it is just that their system may have blocked our e-mails)). See the plan of action for these steps.
  16.  Stop and regroup. Good job!!
Ted Finch, CEO
Chanimal, Inc

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