Press Release: Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Industry Resource for High-Tech Marketing, Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary, Offers Free High Tech Marketing Tools

AUSTIN, Texas – April 2, 2007 –, an industry resource for high-tech marketing, containing more than 500 pages of FREE high-tech marketing content, has hit the 10 year mark.  To celebrate, Chanimal has produced and made available the following new content which is accessible for FREE to all registered users (it is free for anyone to register):

  • How to Finance a High-Tech Start-Up. Originally sold for $39.95, the 55-minute video is now available for free download. Packed with more than 126 comments from angel investors, VCs and entrepreneurs the video is filled with informational tips including the stages of funding, how to create a business plan that will catch investor’s attention, what investors look for, how to give a winning investor presentation, questions to ask VC’s, term sheet “got cha’s”, time frames, and more.

“”How to Finance a High-Tech Start-up” is absolutely indispensable to anyone seeking funding for their brilliant idea, company, or venture,” says Rick Chapman, Editor in Chief for Softletter.

  • Chanimal Master Plan of Action. This 30 page, 1,023 item plan of action, shows the sequenced step-by-step tactical process to define a product, create a reseller program, setup repeatable recruiting processes, an affiliate program, how to setup PR, the latest SEO processes, plus much more. It is the same master list used for Chanimal’s Micro Consulting which has helped more than 100 companies and, “…is the most comprehensive tactical marketing checklist available anywhere—for free,” says Ted Finch, Chanimal president and founder.
  • Chanimal Sales Kit. Contains sales compensation plan guidelines, a sample sales compensation plan, plus a well-defined sales tracking and skill optimization worksheet. It helped produce a 600 percent increase in sales at one software company.
  • Chanimal Affiliate Kit. Provides pre-defined templates to help create an affiliate program from scratch. This kit has been used to create numerous affiliate programs—a great addition to many reseller channel programs.
  • Chanimal Alliance Kit. The new template helps companies create strategic alliances. It includes agendas, PowerPoint presentations, a worksheet to evaluate the business case per company, and explains how to leverage alliances to make more money with them–than without. It has some of the same material that was used to setup world-class alliances at Motorola, GE and numerous small to mid-sized high-tech companies.
  • Chanimal Advertising Guidelines. Contains guidelines used to create persuasive display ads. GE won an award for “Most Leads” of any vendor using these guidelines. Motorola increased their leads 35 times with the sage advice contained in these guidelines. Another smaller software company tripled their response from a previous ad campaign.
  • Chanimal Sample Reseller Portal. An entirely new section of Chanimal (inaccessible except when registered) contains a sample world-class reseller partner portal. With more than 41 new web pages, it contains sample lead policies, deal registration, agreements, competitive matrix samples, videos, price lists, plus much more. This is the same structure used by many world-class partner programs and clearly demonstrates what is expected of an effective portal.

The registered section also contains additional free content such as the Chanimal Packaging Guidelines, an updated 2007 Reseller Kit (contains more than 20 different templates to create a reseller program from scratch), sample collateral pieces, marketing plan templates, sales projection worksheets, etc.

“The Chanimal site was created 10 years ago as a central information hub for high-tech marketing,” says Ted Finch. “Content has been contributed through the years by some of the greatest marketers in the industry. I am proud to provide this new marketing material as part of the 10th year anniversary celebration—available for FREE to anyone who registers (there is no cost to register).”

About was founded 10 years ago by Ted Finch as a centralized industry resource to help start-ups and large high-tech companies become more market driven. It has more than 500 pages of free marketing content containing sample marketing plans, budgets, org charts and job descriptions, tips on PR, research, advertising, channel sales, event marketing, internet marketing, sample collateral, VC sources, channel marketing, copywriting, list of key analysts and consultants, newsletters, and more—all available for FREE.

About Ted Finch

During the last 23 years, Mr. Finch has been a Vice President of Marketing at GE, a Sr. VP Marketing at Motorola, VP at Harcourt, Metrowerks, Goldmine, Virtus (which helped with the start-up Red Storm Entertainment with noted author, Tom Clancy), and a founder and VP at Technology Advancement Group—a startup that grew from 13 to more than 4,000 people. Prior, he spent 7 years in the entertainment industry competing with Hanna Barbara and Disney.

He has helped launch more than 400 products and services for more than 150 vendors (including Microsoft, HP, Corel, IBM, WordPerfect, Adobe, Aldus, Intel, Disney, Sony, Canon, Digital Research, Creative Labs, Ingram Micro, Franklin/Covey, Peachtree, DCA, Ashton-Tate, Autodesk, and more), has executed more than 1 million promotions, gone through five acquisitions, helped raise more than $27 million in financing from VC’s, angels, and corporations, and lead the marketing team that published Netscape Navigator, the #1 best-selling software product that inaugurated the dotcom era.