Within my consulting practice, I work with a lot of new start-ups and a common question is “How do I get funding.” Having gone through five acquisitions, and having helped raise $27 million in funding (from angels, VC’s and large corporations), I can answer some of their questions, but not all. For this I wanted to turn to the experts, and what better experts than the investors themselves.

There are plenty of books on the subject, but I wanted you to see and hear directly from the mouths of professional investors and get a “feel” for what it will take to enlist these people as partners. Within this video, you’ll learn the following.

  • The stages of funding and what is expected at each stage
  • How to write a complete, yet concise business plan that will catch an investors attention and lead to the initial meeting
  • What investors look for in terms of the management team, the market, and concept
  • How to give a winning presentation, and most importantly, how to sell your “next” meeting
  • What questions to ask VC’s that you are considering as investment partners
  • Things to look for in a term sheet
  • How much time to expect for each stage of funding, according to what kind of investor
  • Alternative funding, including government grants and the 504b
  • Wise counsel from seasoned investors, and CEOs who have been through the process–multiple times.

I’ve learned some critical keys to getting financed while putting together this production. I’m sure you’ll find the information just as valuable. I invite you to watch the video and see for yourself.