Funding Resources

FinanceVideo_Book-Kick A Good Hard Kick in the Ass – Basic Training for Entrepreneurs. By Rob Adams, one of our participants. Offers detailed, hard-hitting guidance for smart, sophisticated entrepreneurs and established businesspeople alike—along with vivid, in-depth examples of companies that are walking the walk right now. Adams’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach is just what’s needed in the post-bubble economy.

FinanceVideo_Book-CEO The CEO Handbook – The Pocket Guide for Start-up CEOs. By Steve Wagh, one of our participants. This is a pocket guide containing direct answers to a new CEO’s most frequently asked questions. It offers step-by-step advice to help you avoid some of the mistakes made by others. It’s a life lesson and teaches effective leadership.


Venture Capitalist, Angel Investors & Start-Up Advice

  • VCList. It contains a fairly comprehensive list showing hundreds of national VCs, some are listed by location. Also available is a downloadable database of over 20,000 individuals within over 5,700 VC firms. Includes additional resources, including several interesting books, a VC calendar of events – Silicon Valley specific, and a newsletter.
  • WAVC. Western Association of Venture Capitalists. Willing to send a free listing of VC membership. Also sell a listing that shows areas of interest, geographical preference, expertise, etc.
  • FundingPost. Showcases entrepreneurs who are raising capital to over $25 Billion of interested angel investors and venture capital investors. It helps match entrepreneurs with investors.
  • EzInfoFind. A comprehensive, categorized database of Venture Capital Firms that includes private equity firms, private investors, and investment companies. Free download, plus an affordable database.
  • Startup Journal. Constant fresh information about financing, how-to, contacts for help, etc. The last word on starting a business and entrepreneurial issues from The Wall Street Journal.
  • ZeroMillion. Taking its title from the author’s book, “Zero to Million,” this site contains a LOT of great articles about VC presentations, sources for VCs, term sheet explanations, plus good information for running your business.