Table of Contents

The following are the topics that are covered within the video (the DVD version includes chapters so you can immediately jump to each section).

  • Introduction. By Ted Finch, founder, and president of Chanimal Marketing.
  • Funding Stages. Learn the different stages of funding, the typical amounts, and expectations during each stage.
  • Business Plan. You’ll hear VCs explain exactly what they do and do not want to see within this document – right down to the number of pages, format, and content.
  • Investment Criteria. What are the exact criteria that investors look for prior to signing a check?
  • Management Team. You’ll hear consistently from investors that the management team is the most important determinate for investing in a start-up.
  • Management Criteria. See exactly what constitutes a good management team–it’s not always what you think.
  • Marketing. Learn why it’s important to hire the marketing folks first and validate your market prior to developing a product.
  • Finding Investors. Find out how to prospect for the right investors for your company and product.
  • Screening Investors. Understand why and how you can interview and screen potential investors.
  • Selecting Investors. The final selection is like a marriage–learn the telltale signs for a good, positive relationship.
  • The Presentation. Once you’ve earned the appointment, learn what makes a good and a bad presentation.
  • Term Sheet. Find out what to include and what to watch out for.
  • Time Frames. How long will it take to raise angel seed capital, first-round funding, 504b funding?
  • Entrepreneur Mistakes. What are the typical mistakes that entrepreneurs make? And how to avoid them.
  • Alternative Funding. Find out alternatives to funding that you may not have heard of, but could be worth a try.
  • 504b Option. See what is so unique about the 504b funding option, and see if it’s available for you in your state.
  • Parting Comments. VCs, Angels and top CEO’s give you their last bit of advice to help you succeed in this process.
  • Thank You. Ted Finch expresses thanks for watching the video and gives sources for additional information.
  • Credits. Special thanks to our participants.