Manager of Strategic Alliances

Reports to:  VP of Marketing

General Description

The Manager of Strategic Alliances is responsible for initiating and maintaining the most strategic company marketing alliances. It is his/her charter to identify the top ten company market segments, determine the top 50 best partners, ensure that Acme has strong relationships with each partner, and is actively involved in cross-marketing activities.  This person coordinates these activities between the other company divisions to ensure completion.


  • Identify the top 10 market segments.
  • Identify the top 50 partners.
  • From among the top 50, select the top 10 partners.  Apx. 70% of available time will be spent with these top 10 partners.
  • A corresponding contact at each of the top 10 partners should be identified and contacted within the first two weeks of the program.  The remaining 40 should be identified and contacted within the following 2 weeks.
  • A personal meeting with the top 10 partners should be arranged soon after the initial contact to establish an immediate personal relationship.  This personal contact can occur locally, at a trade show, or by flying out to meet with them.  The top 10 account meeting should be coordinated during the director meetings in case one of the directors wishes to participate.
  • Attempts should be made to schedule meetings with each of the other 40 partners at their local offices, upcoming trade shows, or as other occasions arise.
  • In addition, this person should identify the alliance marketing pieces within competitor’s packages on their Web site and contact each attempting to unseat the competition.

Objectives For Top 50

  • Ensure the alliance partner is aware of company at the field and executive level.
  • The public should be aware of the alliance and how the alliance helps Acme achieve the coveted “total solution.”
  • The two companies should be cross-promoting, distributing leads, establishing bundle and OEM deals, and sharing marketing information that results in traceable sales demonstrating justification for the alliance.

Deliverables For Top 50

  • Each partner should sign an NDA/Alliance agreement.  Includes rights for logo usage, etc.
  • Offer each of the top 50 partners two free units and an opportunity to get additional seats for $25 each plus postage.  The objective being to convert the entire company over to Acme so they will start recommending it and become an extension of the Acme sales force.
  • Provide limited 90 day support.
  • Ensure that the Web sites are linked both ways.  (Coordinate with Online Marketing)
  • Encourage in-box product information.  (Coordinate with Fullfillment and Product Management).

Deliverables for the top 10 Platinum partners include all of the above plus:

  • Two additional free copies (or more as needed), plus a 10 user network version, plus the standard $25 per seat copy.
  • Free support beyond 90 days.

Specific cross marketing activities with each partner:

  1. Identify potential product integration opportunities.  (Coordinate with Product Management)
  2. Conduct, or create the opportunity for swapping user list (through a bonded mailing house) for contacting each other’s customers.  (Coordinate with Marcom)
  3. Encourage a joint press release of the alliance.  (Coordinate with PR)
  4. Have the partners participate in our VAR /retail conferences and special events and take part in theirs.  (Coordinate with Channel Marketing)
  5. Identify potential OEM and bundling opportunities.  (Transfer all OEM leads to New Business Development and all bundling opportunities to Channel Sales)
  6. Ensure a system is put in place with each account to transfer sales leads.  (Coordinate with either Channel Sales or Inside Sales)
  7. Encourage each of them to participate in at least two of our trade-show or seminar events, and vice-versa.  (Coordinate with Event Marketing)
  8. Sign up for the top ten partner’s alliance programs as available.  (Coordinate with VP of Marketing)


  • Prepare two different “Alliance Partner Kit” kits.  One for all 50 (and other “misc.” but smaller alliances), and another for just the top 10.

Include the following in the general kit:

  1. A creative ideas check list of available programs with check boxes to start initiation (as applicable and listed above).
  2. A select list of internal Acme contacts–with associated responsibilities.
  3. A copy of our logo with usage guidelines.
  4. A cover letter.
  5. A coupon for two free copies of Acme.
  6. An order form for additional $25 per seat copies.  Anything over 50 requires additional approval.  Includes a notice explaining the 90 day support.
  7. A set of diskettes with our print and Web logo graphic in various sizes, plus a copy of the 60 day eval to post on their Web site, or distribute within their package or demo CD.
  8. A calendar of upcoming events (trade shows, conference, etc.).

In addition to the above, the top 10 kits would also include the following:

  1. A second coupon for two more free copies of Acme.  Additional units can be delivered as necessary.  Anything over 25 requires further approval.
  2. A coupon for a 10 user network version of Acme.
  3. An updated notice allowing tech support beyond 90 days.
  4. An updated checklist which includes two columns one for them and one for Acme with a check next to each cross marketing item that the two parties expect to initiate.  The alliance would have a copy and Acme would have a copy.  The objective is to complete the checklist together and do something ASAP that initiates the relationship and gets results for both parties involved.
  5. A template for a joint press release to forward to their PR department.


  • Prepare a weekly status report for the Monday meetings.  This report would consist of an update from the alliance master checklist with dates, the status and follow-up results from each account.
  • Synchronize Acme on a regular basis with updated contact records.


This person would have a budget including cost for the alliance kits, cost to participate in the top 10 alliance programs, cost for cross-promotional collateral and giveaways, cost for travel, and reimbursement for supplies.

Knowledge & Skills

This person should be capable of initiating and maintaining strong personal relationships.  In addition, he/she should be able to coordinate with all the departments involved to ensure the completion of the associated marketing programs.  A high degree of organization and self-motivation is required.  This person must understand the product and the market.  He/She must also stay aware of the upcoming Acme opportunities to ensure participation with the alliance partners whenever it makes sense.

(Chanimal Note:  This job description was made unusually directive so it could double as an initial plan of action for the newly created position)