Channel Sales Manager – Retail

Reports to:  Director, Sales

General Description

The Channel Sales Manager works in partnership with the Channel Marketing Manager to jointly invest the market development funds (MDF) and Co-op to increase channel sell-in and sell-through.  Channel Sales ensures sell-in, Channel Marketing ensures channel sell-through.  The sell-in is accomplished by contacting the resellers and presenting the product, its position, its market, price, distribution, etc. and securing an appropriate initial stocking order.  This person is also responsible for ensuring the product is stocked by distribution in ample supply to meet the demand.  This person is the primary liaison between the company and the channel and is responsible for maintaining the reseller and distributor relationships.


  • Contact all centralized buyers to lock in the “reserve to buy” at least one month prior to product delivery date.
  • Constantly focus on sell-in to all centralized buyers and regional chains for maximum channel penetration even after initial buy-ins.
  • Maintain systematic contact and follow-up with buyers and distribution to create relationships.
  • Ensure that the stores maintain adequate stocking levels and minimize stock outs–ensure that stores commit to minimum stocking levels (msl).
  • Develop either a direct mail, quick fax, or reseller ad program to recruit the independent resellers.
  • Obtain the channel sales figures from resellers and/or distribution to be delivered to the Channel Marketing Manager for compilation by the 5th of each month.
  • Work with the Channel Marketing Manager to obtain the MDF ROI by account and identify the most effective programs for sell-in.
  • Generate effective channel sales forecast for budgeting, inventory levels and quotas.
  • Work with Channel Marketing to establish store-by-store quotas and MDF budgets, plus divisions between sell-in and sell-through allocation.
  • Work with the Product Fulfillment to ensure adequate inventory levels.
  • Pass off fulfillment of sell-in programs to the Channel Marketing Manager.
  • Coordinate the sell-through programs presented by Channel Marketing with the resellers.
  • Participate with Product Marketing to ensure the production of sell-sheets for the sell-in process.  Also ensure you have the other deliverables you need (folders, special offers, empty box samples, etc.) from Product Marketing.
  • Develop the sales market within the US and Internationally.
  • National and International travel required periodically.


The Channel Sales Manager works with the Channel Marketing Manager and is responsible for committing MDF/Co-op funds between sell-in and sell-through.  Typically there is a 50/50 split between the sell-in and sell-through activities–any variance is decided between the team.  In addition, this person has a personal budget for travel, resellers events, etc.  He/She also allocates the budget for any other channel sales people he might manage.

Knowledge & Skills

This person must possess, or obtain, an intimate knowledge of every reseller and distributor type and category.  He must know what type of promotions are available and effective for each reseller and distributor within the channel and how they apply to sell-in and sell-through.  He must also know who the customer is and how to sell and demonstrate the product.  He must understand the “persuasive format” for demo scripts, be completion oriented and able to manage several accounts simultaneously.  He must have an amiable and social personality and be able to network and entertain effectively.  This individual must be motivated to become a company expert in how the channel works and must either possess or be eager to obtain the required knowledge.

Experience preferred but training is available in the form of seminars, industry books and individualized instruction.