Marketing Coordinator

Reports to:  VP of Marketing

General Description

The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the marketing department runs smoothly.  As a generalist, this person works across the marketing divisions to assist each member of the marketing team with their daily task and to handle specific and administrative functions as they come up.  This is an entry-level position within the Marketing department with the opportunity to quickly grow within specific departments as the need arises and according to the skill sets of the individual.  Specific responsibilities include:

General Department Assistance

  1. Photocopies.
  2. Send Faxes and mass Faxes.
  3. Create groups with filters and send mass E-mails or mass correspondence.
  4. Typing.
  5. Sending Mail.
  6. Filing.
  7. Data entry and compilation of research materials.
  8. Making return calls.

Specific Department Assistance

  1. Sorting through “Marketing Dept.” mail, qualifying its value, routing it to other divisions as needed, and disposing of the junk mail pieces.
  2. Develop and use a departmental filing system to handle the filing of resource materials such as media kits, outsourced references, 3rd party materials, etc. for easy retrieval.
  3. Occasional overflow projects from PR such as building press kits, preparing for a trade show, etc.
  4. Help extensively with proofing and copywriting of collateral pieces, direct mail, and advertisements.
  5. Routing of graphic materials from Creative Services and routing of Web site design projects from webmasters.
  6. Help to record, schedule, and control the traffic going to the graphics department to ensure timely delivery and to enable Creative Services to spend more time designing and less on administrative tasks.
  7. Find sources for printing costs and materials for graphics and special events.
  8. Download, upload, and compile graphic files as needed within the department.
  9. Help to gather materials for trade shows.
  10. Help with basic desktop publishing editing and layout as ability allows (making channel flyers, NFR materials, stickers, etc.).
  11. Check press runs when required.
  12. Manage the research, analysis, and proper tracking and entry of source leads.  Also, handle specific departmental research as needed.
  13. This person should develop specific skills that will enable him/her to progress within the department as growth occurs.

Knowledge & Skills

This person must be computer literate, meticulous to detail, service-oriented, able to manage a lot of projects at once, dependable and presentable.  It is preferred that this person have specific skills in English, and copywriting, and have aptitude and exposure to advertising, graphic design, traffic control, and accounting.  This person should know, or be able to quickly learn, spreadsheets, word processing, databases (Acme’s), graphics applications, and PCs.  The person should be willing to work across departments as a generalist for at least 6 months while developing specific skills that can be used within either Product Marketing, Creative Services, or Advertising.

(Chanimal Note:  This is a description for a general coordinator within the marketing department.  It is an excellent launch position for someone who wants to move into a marketing department (or for an Intern generalist).  I have used this position several times and every single coordinator eventually ended up with a specialty and moved upward into a more responsible position.  This is a role that should have a mentor.). See the LinkedIn job description.