MarCom Manager

Reports to:  Director, MarCom

General Description

The MarCom Manager is responsible for creating interest and demand for Acme Software products through display Advertising, direct fax, E-mail, direct mail, and card decks.  In addition, the MarCom Manager is responsible for all concepting and copywriting for all collateral pieces, advertising, direct mail, POP, etc.  This person also acts as a gatekeeper to maintain a consistent company image and positioning.  He/she works with the Creative Director for concepting and design and coordinates the campaigns within the other marketing departments–especially with Channel Marketing and Inside Sales to ensure a consistent lead generation program.  He/She is responsible for preparing a detailed annual budget and for tracking and maintaining the budget.

Collateral Materials & Copywriting

  • The MarCom Manager works with the VP of Marketing to write, design, and maintain the collateral material, direct response mailings and ads.

Display Advertising

  • Responsible for proposing and managing the entire consumer media display campaign to create demand and awareness for Acme Software products.
  • Create the media schedule to target prospects, upgrades, and resellers.
  • Negotiate the best pricing.
  • Sign insertion orders and place ads.
  • Create or direct the concepting and production of Ad concepting, copy, and materials.
  • Coordinate phone numbers, dates, and fulfillment requirements throughout the departments.
  • Create a tracking system created in design and linked to fulfillment to measure the effectiveness of each publication and campaign.  Prepare quarterly reports documenting the ROI.
  • Ensure a uniform, consistent product, and corporate image through the media.

Direct Response

  • Responsible for revenue objectives by selling Acme products directly via direct mail, direct fax, direct E-mail, card decks, and the Internet.
  • Coordinate with Inside and Channel Sales to ensure production of direct response mailing to customer base, resellers and selected target list.
  • Manage and coordinate any outside agencies used in association with duties.  Including ad agencies, concepting groups, design/production houses, list rental, database management, etc.
  • Create the direct response placement schedule.
  • Source list for prospects and resellers.
  • Sign insertion orders for card deck MarCom pieces.
  • Create or direct the concepting and production of MarCom concepting, copy, and materials.
  • Deliver materials to fulfillment or direct database mailing house.
  • Ensure that new leads are tracked and entered within the company database.
  • Prepare a tracking and analysis system that is built into the Marketing pieces.
  • Include the analysis of the campaigns within the quarterly report.

Tracking & Database Maintenance

  • The MarCom Manager is also responsible for maintaining the company database–either directly or indirectly.  The data must be clean, coded, and accessible for direct upgrade mailings, swapping, direct fax, and direct E-mail.
  • Responsible for ensuring consistent, accurate data coding and for coordinating with the other departments to encourage conformance.
  • Responsible either directly or indirectly for registration data entry from cards or via import from the Web site.
  • The company database always needs to be requisitioned through the MarCom Manager.


The MarCom Manager is responsible for preparing a comprehensive budget on an annual and quarterly (if needed) basis to fund the proposed advertising and direct response campaign.  The Manager is then responsible for recording, tracking, and following the budget.  If new opportunities arise, or unseen expenses are incurred then a revised budget should be proposed for possible adoption.

Knowledge & Skills

This person should have a degree or experience in English, Marketing, Advertising, or Communications.  He/She should possess excellent Grammar and English skills, be creative, and use self-initiative.  This person should be an expert, or aggressively learn the advanced guidelines for direct response, sellable Ad copy, media placement, negotiation techniques, tracking methods, and database marketing.  In addition, budgeting and account management experience is desired.

Experience is preferred but can be augmented through seminars, schooling, and personalized training.

(Chanimal Note:  This position is very similar to the Ad Manager.  The difference is that this person also has the job of copywriting.  This is a description of someone having two jobs.  Later, as the department grows, this job would usually be split back to two jobs.  The current occupant may become the manager of the two or specialize in one or the other.)