Research & Information Services Manager

Reports to: Director of Marketing

General Description

The Research and Information Services Manager (RISM) is responsible for helping the Division obtain the managerial information to make correct product, competitive, and pricing decisions while minimizing the risk of expensive incorrect decisions (risk aversion).  The information provided helps ensure that the products we create deliver the benefits that the customer wants in the manner expected (i.e., correct implementation of desired features).  He/She does this by compiling and summarizing secondary research and by directing primary quantitative and qualitative research.  The primary research would be conducted among our prospective customers, existing customers and their customer base, sales, management, engineering, analysts, and others in the form of round tables, discussion groups, focus groups, personal interviews, surveys, usability studies, etc.  Results would be delivered in the form of reports and formal de-briefings.  In addition, the RISM is responsible for managing the competitive research analysts and benchmarking efforts.

Key Job Responsibilities include

  • Work with the Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking Analyst to compile, evaluate, summarize, and prioritize secondary research such as analyst reports, trade publications, competitive reviews, press coverage, etc.  Results would be organized within a department library and the Intranet to allow easy, quick access.
  • Conduct qualitative research in the form of focus groups, discussion groups, round tables, and low-volume personal interviews.  In addition, usability studies would be conducted on our hardware (keyboards, remotes, set-top box), software (development ease of use, interface design, menu positioning, etc.), and consumer and developer documentation.
  • Conduct quantitative research in the form of statistically valid phone, mail, and Internet (online) studies to help identify and prioritize customer preference.
  • Collaborate and direct other research done by analysts, other divisions, groups, sectors, trade publications, etc.

Knowledge & Skills

The qualified candidate has the following:

  • Prefer an aptitude with technical and consumer products—even if the primary experience is with consumer goods.
  • Would value some research agency consumer and business research experience.
  • At least 5-10 years of similar experience with consumer goods, software, hardware, or consumer electronics companies as a contributor and manager/director.
  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree with an emphasis in statistics, math, economics, or business—or exceptional real-world experience.
  • Experience determining customer requirements (via quantitative and qualitative research, including focus groups, surveys (paper and Internet), roundtables, etc.).
  • Experience with hundreds of focus groups, tens of thousands/millions of surveys, dozens of roundtables, and several software/hardware GUI usability studies.
  • Must know all methods of research methodology including statistical analysis with an understanding of achieving a high degree of confidence.
  • An understanding of competitive analysis and benchmarking methodologies.
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills.
  • The ability and track record of setting up all research systems from scratch and building a department.
  • The willingness and adaptability to work in a high-speed, start-up organization.
  • Works well with customers, alliances, sales, engineering, and management.
  • A highly credible personality.