Vice President,  Marketing

Reports to:  President/CEO

General Description

The Vice President of Marketing is responsible for the strategy, tactics and programs to create interest, demand and recognition for Acme Software Corporation and its products through the use of PR, Product Marketing, Creative Services, Advertising, Strategic Relationships, Direct, Event, Channel and Online Marketing.  In addition, to ensure the product is demand driven, the Vice President of Marketing works with Product Marketing and Management to ensure the right mix of features, positioning and price.  This position is also responsible for planning, organizing, staffing, training, and managing all marketing functions to achieve the company objective of sales, growth, profits, and visibility while ensuring a consistent marketing message and positioning on a world wide basis consistent with the corporate direction.

Marketing Responsibilities


  • Remain strategical, tactical and program oriented, in that order.
  • Work with Directors and Managers to development strategic partners for referencing, credibility and alliances.
  • Help manage third-party relationships.
  • Ensure the product is competitive, complete, clean and timely.
  • Responsible for creating annual or biannual strategic and tactical marketing plan.

Research & Information

  • Conduct and analyze market research to determine risk and marketability of potential products and product features.  Supply information to appropriate personnel.
  • Responsible for competitive analysis, strategies and tactics.
  • Measure effectiveness of the marketing department and implement improvements.

Product,  Direction, Competition

  • Determine market needs and generate product requirements and definition for development.
  • Responsible for the product(s) pricing, name, positioning, packaging, and definition.
  • Work with the Director, MarCom to ensure production of appropriate box, collateral, sales, educational and merchandising materials.

Management & Training

  • Manage and train existing and new marketing staff.
  • Ensure timely and effective execution of the marketing tactics and programs.
  • Create and maintain annual marketing budget.
  • Lead and manage the following responsibilities and/or departments:  1) Direct Marketing, 2) PR, 3) Advertising, 4) Online Marketing (web site), 5) Product Management, 6) Channel Marketing, 7) Event Marketing (trade shows), and 8) Creative Services.
  • Ensure a consistent, fair and situational management style exist throughout the department.
  • Generate a monthly summary report and comprehensive quarterly and annual marketing report.

PR & Image

  • Work with PR to ensure the proper amount and type of coverage to raise awareness, win reviews and ensure consistent corporate and product branding and image.
  • Help manage investor relations when applicable.


  • Work with Ad Manager and/or agency to create the media schedule, negotiate the rates, prepare the deliverables and execute.  Follow-up and measure the advertising campaign using print and online methods.

Strategic Partnering & Alliances

  • Participate in creating strategic partnerships, alliances and bundles that ensures Acme Software is highly visible and properly positioned and referenced.

Direct Marketing

  • Maintain complete direct sales support.
  • Ensure we have substantial qualified leads for direct sales.  These can be gathered through direct mail campaigns, trade shows, the Web site, and qualified list acquisition.

Channel Marketing

  • Maintain complete sales material support for Indirect Channel Sales–both retail and VAR accounts.
  • Develop direct marketing programs to resellers to ensure appropriate stocking levels.
  • Work with Event Manager to ensure proper representation at industry events.
  • Help initiate a customer service and online lead generation program to support the resellers.
  • Develop an effective channel marketing & merchandising program including: training & education, promotions, pop, distributor and reseller relations.

Online Marketing

  • Ensure a professional, inviting Web site employing the latest technology to encourage initial and repeat visits.  Develop an online store to take orders for new products, upgrades and add-ons directly.
  • Help initiate and execute an entire online strategical marketing plan to make the most of this important new medium.

Creative Services

  • Work with the Creative Services department to ensure a consistent look and feel among all collateral materials.  Aid in the design of the box, sell sheets, product slicks, POP, folders, trade show graphics, and all other corporate imaging.

Knowledge & Skills

The idea candidate would be well rounded in all aspects of marketing and sales methodology to both vertical and consumer customers.  Extensive knowledge of software marketing issues, technical markets, pricing models, consumer packaging, channels of distribution, technology trends, customer buying patterns, budgeting, public and investor relations, advertising, statistics and analysis, P&L background, direct marketing, telemarketing, planning skills, database marketing, competitive strategies, event marketing, channel marketing, merchandising, product marketing, product  management, team management, presentation, sales and strong training skills during high growth stages.