Reports to:  Director, MarCom

General Description

The WebMaster is responsible for creating an exciting worldwide presence for Acme Software Corporation via the Internet.  As a member of the Marketing team, this person will interact and act as a service agency to meet the online needs for PR, Advertising, Product Marketing, Channel Marketing, Event Marketing, and International Marketing.  In addition, attention will be given to meeting the needs of Tech support, Product Management, and Inside Sales.

General Duties

  • Create a corporate image home page and keep it updated with news, awards, and promotions.
  • Map and plan the site to ensure the most effective plan-o-gram.  Measure the page statistics and ensure visitors are going where intended.
  • Create and maintain online newsgroups.
  • Ensure Acme Software has regular promotions to encourage repeat site traffic.
  • Encourage online registration.
  • Personalize the site with photos and personality.
  • Consistently update all major Internet search lists to ensure Acme is properly referenced.

Department Specific Duties


  • Work with PR to create an inviting press room with online press clippings, PR case studies, solution examples and third-party support.
  • Ensure that all recent press hits are listed.

Channel Marketing

  • Create and maintain a reseller section including
  • A reseller lookup database
  • Online collateral
  • Case studies
  • Remote product demos
  • Online certification and testing (if applicable)
  • Product selling tips of the month/week, etc.

Inside Sales

  • Ensure that leads are properly captured from the Web site and routed to the respective salespeople.
  • Enable online transactions.


  • Set up tracking pages that complement the ads and count hits from each ad campaign.

Event Marketing

  • Maintain the master online calendar.
  • Include photos of recent shows.
  • Create links to shows.

Product Marketing

  • Maintain an auto-generating product comparison chart.
  • Maintain the product collateral sections.

Strategic Marketing Alliances

  • Update and promote banner ads among our partners.
  • Ensure we maintain links between our partners.
  • Post samples of the “Mastering Acme Software” newsletter.
  • Run cross-site promotions.

Product Management

  • Add and maintain a download section with updates, third-party products, demos, etc.
  • Compile and publish site statistics.  Maintain a data research section with web stats, demographics, most requested features, etc.
  • Create a Top Ten product wish list with an automatic report posted on an internal web page.
  • Post quarterly FYI newsletters.

International Marketing

  • List our International distributors with links to their Web sites.
  • Create a multilingual online section for specific segments.

Knowledge & Skills

The ideal Webmaster candidate is market savvy and understands the strategic importance of an effective marketing Web site.  He/she can also program effectively in HTML, Java, and other needed disciplines, and has excellent graphical taste–with either the capability to design or the eye to approve designs that match the corporate image.  In addition, this person is service-oriented and understands that his/her role will be in both servicing the online needs of the marketing department and in proactively marketing, developing, and improving the Web site.  This person can take direction as needed, work independently, and use initiative.  As the keeper of the site, this person is highly trusted and is a team player. At least 1-2 years experience preferred in Web site development as either the team leader or as an assistant.  PC experience preferred.