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Chanimal conducts a LOT of display ad reviews against the guidelines. By now, you should have enough information about what makes an effective ad (hint: it “sells”), so you should be able to take your ad and compare it against the guidelines and see how it compares. This example of a display ad reviews several ads from big vendors (SGI, EMC, etc.) and compares them against one of the Chanimal ads.

Like I’ve said, an ad that sells is typically not going to win design awards (so your designers are not going to like them), and they appear busy, wordy, and all the negative things you can think of–but I just ignore the opinions of the unwashed–most do not have a clue what will and won’t work.  And these… are designed to SELL.

This sample (showing the Z format) of a display ad reviews one of the groups that achieved a 35 times increase in the response rate. The previous “branding ads” (that the CEO loved–like art) produced 105 leads in a month when we tracked it. When we switched to the direct response, Z format ads (not as clean and pretty–but still professional ‘enough’), the leads went to over 3,500 that month! We had enough leads to flood our direct sales force and require that we send leads to our resellers (what a novel idea)). So yes, they WORK!

display ad review

Besides, as I stated before, if we want artwork, let’s not make it, instead, buy some great art with all the extra money you make when your ad does its jobs (and produces millions more in sales).  The Chanimal Display Ad Reviews PowerPoint helps set the rules so you can convince the team to use this format. Register and you can get a free copy! :-)

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