Tracking Ads & Determining ROI

Every ad should have a unique identity that you can track. For example, on a print ad, I use a unique URL for every ad (, etc.). In fact, in the early ’90s, during the launch of Netscape, I produced the first ad that used a unique URL to track the response. I would also use a unique phone number, and sometimes a unique offer. The same is true for a radio (usually a unique phone number) and TV (both).

tracking ads

All ads should also have a special promotion, or combination of promotions (can promote a trial/demo, a free giveaway (t-shirt, laser pen, etc.), a white paper, a product discount, etc.). These promotions are designed to increase the response.  They should be sent to a primary and then secondary landing page so you can track the following ratios:

  • # of visitors to each page
  • % conversion from page to form
  • % that complete the lead form
  • % that goes to the secondary page
  • % that execute any of your actions: a) download a white paper, b) install the trial, c) attend the webinar or d) order the product.

You need all the information that will tell you how successful the campaign was.  You can also tweak each port of the landing pages, the offer, the ad, etc. to fine-tune and dial in the best response.

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