Product Positioning Statements

You should have product positioning statements that are used as talking points when speaking with the press. Most of these would be the same 4-5 key selling advantages (value proposition) that you would have highlighted within your product collateral (packaging, sell sheets, product slicks, shelf hangers, etc.). Each set of messages to the press, however, is targeted for the respective audience. Following are examples:

PR Messaging

Corporate Umbrella Statement

This is a statement that explains how your company is positioned within the market, followed by how the product fits within the company’s product portfolio.  For example, your company might specialize in Sales Force Automation.  You would have a positioning statement for how your company fits within the market (producing the only cross-platform solution, the price/performance market leader, etc.) or your product may be an add-on to an existing CRM application like Siebel or Salesforce.

Product Positioning (Value Proposition)

You would identify key selling advantages such as the fastest, best features for the money, the industry’s best-seller, the most compatible, the cheapest, the only competitor, etc.  The specific positioning (unique benefits) would also be tailored to the specific audience. For example, you might stress ease of use to a consumer/trade publication, while stressing the products’ ability to increase add-on sales to a reseller publication.

To assist you in creating your product positioning statements (unique value proposition), you should also check out, “The Product Marketing Handbook for Software,” by the same Rick Chapman.

Positioning Video

You may wish to watch the Chanimal video on product positioning, “How to Position Your Product.”

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