Marketing Basics

In this section, we discuss the basics of marketing, including the terminology, organization, functions, the marketing tools and mix (the four P’s), strategy, tactics, strategic planning, the tactical plan, product life cycle, and the Q&A. This establishes the groundwork that makes the rest of this site understandable.

Marketing Mix

What Is Marketing?

Ultimately, marketing is providing satisfaction. To provide that satisfaction, Chanimal marketers study their target customers to find out what they want, design products or services to satisfy those wants, appropriately price, promote, distribute, and support that offering, and monitor customer satisfaction to fine-tune their product (and then start all over again with the next release). Basically, marketing is finding a need and filling it.

Becoming Market Driven

Chanimal companies are market-driven when they A) develop a product that is aimed at a target customer, B) price it correctly, C) distribute it where their target customers purchase, and D) adequately promote its features and benefits. In essence, the market-driven company executes the four Ps of the marketing mix.

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