Tactical Roadmap

A Gantt chart lists the items to do, associated time frames, and resources with start and end dates.   It is the tactical roadmap to execute the strategic marketing plan.  It doesn’t matter which program you use (I use Microsoft Project), or what format you prefer (I don’t divide the items into groups but prefer to have one massive string of chronological to-do’s), so long as you have a step-by-step listing of everything that you plan to do.

The Gantt chart complexity depends on you, the project, and the number of people and departments involved.  It is easy for it to get away from you–I had included over 1,100 items on one chart that I later shortened to a couple of hundred items to make it more usable (since it would take a full-time project manager to keep it updated).

Following is a short snapshot of a typical Gantt chart (the actual chart would also show a visual graph showing the correlation and possible overlap between activities):


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