Research Plan of Action – In-house

Some companies have a research group, most companies do not. If you happen to be in the latter group, you may not have anyone concentrating on research–nor do they know where to start.  The linked Gantt chart shows the steps that you might consider if you have to train an internal candidate.  This Gantt chart requires MS Project 2000.  It is fairly comprehensive and was used to train an internal employee who was re-deployed to do research.  It also includes the steps to set up the in-house library.

Here is the recommended (and typical) way to decide what and how to do the research.

  1. Specify Decisions – Purpose of Study
  2. Determine Information Needs – Objectives
  3. Ascertain Types of Data Required – Decide on type(s) of research
  4. Collect Data
  5. Analyze Data – Draw Conclusions (what results mean to us) and Make Recommendations (what to do)
  6. Report Results at Action Plan Meeting
  7. Continue Cycle (as needed)

Register and download a sample research Gantt chart (The Chanimal Master Plan of Action) that shows how to set up an in-house research department and start initiating research projects.

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