Product Review – The Product Marketing Manager’s Handbook


Name: Product Marketing HandbookType: BookCategory: Product Mgmt
Pros: Comprehensive, full of great examples, up-to-date, incredible information! This is “the” #1 Chanimal book to own.Cons: It is a 690 page bookNotes: Just get it. This is the mother load!
Overall Rating: Chanimal 5
Comments: Now on the 4th edition, very refined


product marketing book software I’ll write more about it later. For now, click HERE and just get this book. In fact, order one for every member of your marketing department and executive staff (I have). This is like taking 24 years of successful street smarts in hi-tech and pouring it into one book. It contains a complete roadmap on how to research the market and create the best product, how to price it, how to promote it (with time frames, checklists), how to get it into distribution, etc. If you know much of this, fine–use it to cross-train your department. If you don’t–then you have found the motherload! Included with the book is a CD-ROM containing template, forms, examples–it is worth the price of the entire book.

This is the single most important book to have if you are in hi-tech marketing–period!

Any questions? Rick’s site has sample chapters, great testimonials, worksheets, plus additional items (such as workbooks, project files and more) to complement it.

Enjoy this book.  I highly recommend it and give it an unequivocal 5 Stars!