Channel Sales – Indirect Sales

Channel sales is responsible for sell-in (one-on-one with VARs, to the buyers and retail and to the distribution account managers), and channel marketing is responsible for sell-through. Itt is critical that the channel sales team understands the channel of distribution and reseller types.

It is also important that the channel sales team works with channel marketing to ensure there is a competitive reseller partner program (policies (deal reg, NFR, MDF), systems (reseller locator, LMS, forum), documents (PowerPoint, Competitive matrix, Agreement, 25/50 word description, market backgrounder, white papers, product slicks, etc.).

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Channel Marketing – Resources

Be sure to check out the channel marketing section. Tips on the partner program, reseller kit, recruiting, reseller training and reseller promotions are all found in the other section.

  • Channel Sales Guide. Links to a guide from Salesforce, “The Complete Guide to Channel Sales.” It is a good overview of how to leverage the channel.