Strategic Alliances

Video “How to Create Killer Strategic Alliances”

Strategic Alliance Video

This is the strategic alliance video of the webinar for those that missed it. It was one of the highest rated presentations EVER when given at SoftwareCEO (attendees had to pay $299 each to participate).

You can watch it for here for free:

Why Strategic Alliances?

Formal strategic alliances are often what set apart the winners from the losers (Windows vs OS2, The Apps Store, The Sales Force Platform, etc.)–and those that can’t set them up and leverage them, often get destroyed by those that can. Alliances increase your credibility, defend against competitors, help you recruit each others’ reseller partners quickly, fill holes in your product roadmap, and generate more leads through cross-selling and joint promotions.

What Will You Learn?

Learn the acid test for every strategic alliance, how to determine the best strategic alliances, the different types of alliances, when to setup, how formal, process to form alliances, how to prospect, expectations, who should initiate, how to get bandwidth, why large companies need small company alliances–and vice versa, which groups to engage, a systematic way to create and leverage your strategic alliances, and most important–how to make more revenues with alliances than without.

What Do You Get?

The presentation contains an e-mail address – respond and you’ll get a free copy of the Chanimal Strategic Alliance Kit which contains:

– Meeting PowerPoint
– Chanimal Strategic Alliance Worksheet – used to categorize, define the business case, and prospect
– A detailed plan of action
– Sample meeting agendas for the executive, product, marcom and sales meetings
– Pick list of items you can do with your alliance partners
– Sample PowerPoint of what to cover in your strategic alliance meeting
– Sample alliance agreement plus much, much more.

Who Is This For?

This is for CEO’s, GM’s, Business Development, Strategic Alliance Managers, Channel Managers, Product Management, MarCom, and Sales–anyone that should be aware of or involved in strategic alliances.

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Ted Finch
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