Chanimal & Industry Webinars, Seminars and Events

Following are some of the upcoming Chanimal “How To” Webinars, Workshops, and Lunch-N-Learns to watch for (will be listed on the Chanimal Calendar–subscribe for notification and pass the word around).  Items in BLUE are complete (look for the recordings in the video section):

Chanimal events

Upcoming Scheduled Events

  • Chanimal Workshop: How to Build a Successful Reseller Channel – SaaS & Enterprise. May 23rd, Seattle Washington.

Chanimal How-To Series (Free – 2-hour blocks) – For Channel & Marketing:

  • How to Create a $100 million a Year Affiliate Program
  • How to Build a World-Class SaaS Channel
  • SaaSUniversity – Channel Presentation (go to the LAST video on the page)
  • How to Get Affordable Channel and Marketing Consulting Help–In Seven Minutes
  • How to Create an Ad Campaign that Makes Money Every Time
  • How to Position Your Product, De-position the Competition and Generate a TON of Leads
  • How to Create Killer Alliances and Dominate Your Space
  • How to Setup Product Management – So You Have Fewer Loser Products
  • How to Define Your Reseller Partner Program
  • How to Optimize Your Trade Show – Kill the Sacred Cows and Get a Positive ROI
  • How to Create a Marketing Budget within an Hour and Get it Approved Every Time
  • How to Write Persuasive Copy – Learn Why a Prospect Would be a Fool Not to Consider You
  • How to Finance a High-Tech Start-Up (updates to the video)
  • How to Influence Online Forums and Blogs
  • How to Recruit, Recruit and Recruit Channel Partners – Until You Bleed with Success and Beg to Stop
  • How to Create an Editorial Calendar, Devour Your Competition and Win the Review
  • How to Create a Product and Company Name – What Agencies Don’t Know and Four Rules you MUST Follow
  • How to Give a Persuasive Demo That Forces a “Sane” Prospect to Consider You (Dummies Don’t Count)
  • How to Build a Successful Consulting Practice – And Save Your Family

Chanimal Sales Series (Free – 2-hour blocks) – For Marketing, Sales, Management:

  • Sales Overview for the Non-Sales Person – Essentials that Management and Marketing MUST Know (or You Suck)
  • How to Setup the Perfect Sales Comp Plan that Gets Your Team to Work Crazy Hard
  • How to Create a Comprehensive Sales Manual – and Why You Would Be Negligent Not To [includes Kit]
  • How to Play the Game of Work (Sales by the Numbers) and Increase Sales 620% (or More!)
  • How a Channel Sales Manager Can Help The Channel Sell – Channel Sales Management in a Kit
  • How to Motivate The Hell Out of Your Sales Team (Prepare to Be Converted)
  • How to Hire Winners, Train Them Right, and Keep Them Moving Fast – Can You Keep Up?
  • How to Select & Setup Your CRM so it Increases (Not Kills) Sales
  • How to Train, Prevent De-Training, and Keep Top Sales Members Remaining – Three Cycles of Every Sales Team

Chanimal Master Series (Paid – 1-2 Day Workshops (online, at Chanimal events, on-site))

  • How to Build a Successful Reseller Channel (SaaS, VAR, SoHo) – The Most Comprehensive Channel Workshop Ever!
  • How to Sell Like a Channel Animal! Direct, Indirect, By Phone, In Person, SoHo to Enterprise, Soft & Hard Skills – The Ultimate Crash Course to Prospect, Persuade and Close Deals (Selling 101 to 401). Guarantee to Immerse and Exhaust You With Selling Knowledge.
  • Applying The Chanimal Selling Knowledge – Converting Your Sales Knowledge to Repeatable “I Got Skills.” Chanimal “How to Sell” is a Prerequisite.
  • The Ultimate Chanimal Sales Manager. Learn Everything You Must Do To Be a World-Class Sales Manager (Lead or Get Out of the Way).

Chanimal Events – Lunch-N-Learn (1 Hour Max – the cost of lunch – $10)

All Lunch-N-Learns are finished within one hour and are held at 12 pm CST every Thursday. Topics to be announced weekly. Cost of admission is lunch money–you pay for lunch, Chanimal keeps you entertained and growing (end up with a lot of fat Chanimals running all over the place–hoo raw ;-). Original content or special guest speakers. Powerful (and often humorous) content can still be fun (and advance you toward Chanimal certification) – see you there!

Micro Lunch-N-Learn Topics Might Include:

  • How to Setup a Competitive Partner Program (Program Details by the Numbers)
  • Definitions – Why Can’t We All Speak the Same Language? The Ultimate Dummies Guide to High-Tech Lingo. What is a VAR, VAD, Distributor (which type?), MDF, Co-Op, MQQA, Qualitative, Quantitative, 4Ps, MRD, Chanimal (what “is” a Chanimal anyway!), plus a LOT more.  Let’s get on the same Chanimal page.
  • Relationships matter – in the office, with prospects, the channel and at home. Learn how to convert acquaintances to friends, friends to BFF’s and gain the true power and influence of relationships that help you to be successful everywhere.  This will increase your work, alliance, and channel success, but might even save your marriage!
  • Master planning with the Ultimate Chanimal Plan of Action. How to lay out a foundational map for the channel, marketing or any business success and then execute by the numbers with a vengeance.  Learn this process I picked up in the mid-’80s that got me my first “over everyone” (ok, 350 people) job in the office and jump-started my career–that eventually escalated to the top of the Chanimal heap.
  • Book Reviews for Chanimals. Learn how reading 22 books in one summer put me at the top of my career, and then a goal (usually achieved) to read 20 books a year helped me blow through the rank of amateurs to professional and world-class status in record time. Learn the concept, lists, database, and then reviews of the top Chanimal books you must read (or don’t even think of yourself as a Chanimal) to make life happen–at work, at home, with your profession, your peers and family (more to life than just work–although it helps you succeed enough with work to “have” a life).
  • Powerful Copywriting for non-Chanimals (see “Dummies” in Definition L-N-L). We ALL do it – from the sales letter to the e-mail response to full websites, collateral, and ads. Why are we so informative – but can’t seem to persuade? (and then wonder why we don’t get responses to our emails, or why our product doesn’t sell (and we’re standing on the street corner with a cardboard sign)).
  • In Search of Stupidity – 20 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters. Don’t make the same stupid mistakes that others already made–be original and make your own! Possible Guest Speaker (the author of the book and Chanimal friend).
  • PRM Debate. Do you need one? When does it make sense? Which one? May include guest speakers who have used them and can give feedback.
  • Interns – the Chanimal secret weapon. The #1 best-selling product in the world, Netscape Navigator, was launched with 9 full-time marketers (including Chanimal) and 7 interns. Learn how to hire interns to help you execute with a vengeance. Usually, off the radar of HR, interns can be pull-in even during a hiring freeze. They love the work (give them real stuff, not coffee runs), are hyper-affordable, and can get you moving. Learn how to find, hire right, train, follow up, and leverage. Interns have built over 50 channel programs with Chanimal clients, gotten hundreds of press hits, created amazing competitive matrices, created pricing, and ads, done killer SEO, and more.  Get your “fair share” (where’s mine Obama?) of this great resource!
  • PRM Software Reviews – Let the Combat Begin!  A friendly head-to-head debate between PRM vendors.  Let’s watch them tear it up–or they all win, as will you if you see a good fit for one of their products. (Guidelines provided for vendors)
  • If You Can’t Track It – You Can’t Spend It. ROI-based budgets and tracking for everything. Stop the “I can’t afford it” debate.
  • Marketing Automation. Reviews of different systems that will help you “automate it” – with guest speakers.
  • Why I hate the word “Solution” and viable alternatives, plus other common but lame excuses for following the “non-Chanimals” (lambs – Chanimal fodder) and not thinking.  Why do the same lame stuff that the “losers” do–Chanimalize your thoughts and win!
  • Setting up your CRM correctly – popular CRMs reviewed and integrators explain how to set them up correctly (to increase, not slow-down sales). Guest speakers – hopefully, they are good (or they might spoil your lunch). Come see.

Chanimal Certified Channel Manager

Chanimal has a rigorous certification program that tests and certifies your channel, sales, or marketing knowledge and skills. You can also test out of the materials for the same certification–so you get credit for other sources or real-life experience. You can pick up the knowledge at the Chanimal workshops (testing available afterward) or at the free webinars or Lunch-N-Learns (it doesn’t matter where you learned it–so long as you know it).  Click here for details.

Specialized Seminars & Events

Following are links to the calendars and seminar web pages of several popular organizations:

Please e-mail me if you have a regular, applicable seminar that you would like added to this list.