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Registering will give you instant access to The Cave which contains links to a sample Chanimal Partner Portal (over 53 pages of portal content), the Chanimal Master Plan of Action PDF (over 35 pages and 1023 sequenced steps for SEO, building a channel, an affiliate program, alliances, pr, and much more). This is my own master tactical plan I use to consult with hundreds of companies! Plus you can access complete “Kits” of information (Channel Kit, Alliance Kit, Internet Kit).

You can also purchase them within the Chanimal Store, or you can register and get many of them for FREE (although the paid versions may contain more recent updates).

It also allows me to capture your name for possible networking later (which was the original reason for initiating this site in 1996). Remember to write down your password (easy when you see what it is) and bookmark “The Cave” to use during your next visits (I recommend you save it as part of the site name when you bookmark it as one of your favorites).