High-Tech & Channel Industry Surveys

Find out what promotion pulled the best leads, what worked to recruit and retain partners, what is the average partner margin and more. Periodic surveys will be thrown online to compile information that may help us all.

Here some channel research that may prove helpful:

  • Forester PRM Report – 2013 (PDF)  Downloaded from the RelayWare website. Covers Channeltivity, NetSuite, Parago, Relayware, Salesforce, The Planet Group, and TreeHouse Interactive.
  • Forester RM Report – 2018 (PDF). There is a newer Forrester PRM report from 2018 that includes additional vendors.
  • Forrester InfoGraphic – 2019. A web page with a detailed reference and guide to channel software and associated companies.
  • Forrester – Channel Software Technology Stack – 2021 (below – Right Click to Save). Shows most of the vendors that produce software and resources for the channel.