The following links contain sites that I’ve considered or used over the years. It used to hang off the home page, but it reduce SEO so it is within the Registration section only.

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Alliances & Affiliates

  • SaaSMAX. The world’s largest SaaS distributor. Offer SaaS channel consulting, a reseller market-place, plus Partner Optimizer (the world’s most comprehensive partner database–great for profiling and discovering the best partners). Chanimal works side-by-side with the team symbiotically and much of the SaaS consulting goes through SaaSMAX.
  • SoftLetter. Longest running industry newsletter with insights and metrics for software companies.
  • Media Buying Academy. I first met the founder, Lee Morrow, when I reviewed her media buying materials years ago–boxes of videos (before everything was online). Wow–very, very comprehensive. She runs media buying classes throughout the United States. Excellent boot camp for anyone new to media buying.
  • Aber Law Firm. I have consulted with several companies that have used him–excellent reputation and concentrates entirely on SaaS and software companies.
  • Spread the News. Todd is a pitching machine for proactive press. One of my clients had 8 press hit in 6 months. He got them over 300 press hits in 6 weeks! He is my preferred PR specialist for the proactive press.
  • The Peters Group. I have worked with Lauren Peters since 2000. VERY class act group. I used them while at Metrowerks, Motorola, GE and referred them to several Chanimal clients. GE had a PR firm but had no press appointments for the biggest trade show. I contacted the Peters Group and had over 22 appointments set up within the week–they just produce.
  • The York Group. Harold is the contact and CEO. I have referred several clients looking to build International resellers. Although Chanimal helps with International program setup and some recruiting, it is limited to English speaking countries. Harold has offices and connections world-wide and can get clients into the hardest to penetrate countries. He is a wealth of information about International channels–and he is a great guy. He is for International, what Chanimal is for North America.  His biggest client is Microsoft (he helps their ISVs).


  • Media Finder.  This location compiles the media selection information from over 90,000 publications plus online pricing.  It includes prices.
  • Media Buying Academy. I first met the founder, Lee Morrow, when I reviewed her media buying materials years ago–boxes of videos (before everything was online). Wow–very, very comprehensive. She runs media buying classes throughout the United States. Excellent boot camp for anyone new to media buying.


  • Lifetime Commissions. Listing of major affiliate directories. These are directories that aggregate thousands of affiliate programs. If you have an affiliate program you should be listed in these directories.
  • Website 101. Additional lists of 40 different affiliate directories.
  • My Affiliate Program. An excellent resource on how to set up an affiliate program.
  • It contains a comparison database of over 55 different affiliate software applications. Have to quickly register to gain access, but it is VERY detailed and comprehensive.


Branding (articles & sources)

  • Brand Marketing.  This location features dozens of articles on branding: from Web to product to institutional.  Great material!


  • Bizmove.  This site is known as “The Small Business Knowledge Base” and contains hundreds of pages of FREE information about strategic business plans, general management, sales, and marketing, plus lots more.

Channel Sales & Training (North America – Click here for International)

  • Channel Sources. Sell-in. This group has been in business 10 years and helps companies get products into retail. Successful clients include IBM, Red Hat and H&R
  • CMP XChange. Similar to the Retail and VAR Vision events. Sponsored by CMP publications. A place to recruit resellers.
  • The Distribution Network. Sell-in. The nation’s first high-tech US and Canadian rep firm – handles retail and educational account sales and distribution.
  • MarketStar. Sell-Through. Specialty: sales & field marketing outsourced solutions for the IT, Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications, and Durable Goods industries. Used to be called Technology Advancement Corporation (divisions included TempReps, Blitz America, IntroTech and DataNow). The original channel training corporation starting in 1989. Represented IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, HP, Canon, Corel, WordPerfect, Novel, Ashton-Tate, Franklin Covey, Autodesk, etc.
  • ChannelForce.  Sell-Through. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia area.  Broke off from a similar group. Trains resellers to increase the reseller recommendation rate.
  • The VAR City. Sell-in & Through. Can setup a VAR and System Integrator program (not a retail program), recruit targeted VARs (great database) and help manage them like a virtual channel director. The program can be ala cart or complete. Very pragmatic results-oriented with a systematic approach. Cater to start-ups and vendors who have higher-end software products with a reasonable sales cycle. Also, have a well-qualified VAR database –the same one they use!

Channel Marketing

  • Aegis Resources. Home for the Product Marketing Manager’s Handbook for Software. Includes excellent information about how to sell through within the channel.
  • Frank Lynn and Associates – The Channel People. This company helps software companies with their channel marketing.  They have a lot of white papers on subjects such as channel conflict, setting up a channel sales force, selecting the appropriate channels, plus more. This site now feels OLD -not as much there as before. It seems like a lot of theories–not many tactics.
  • OneCLE. It contains over 900 sample sales and marketing agreements – including copies of actual distributor agreements for Netscape, Redhat, Ingram, Tech Data, etc. A great find for samples.


  • Ivan Levison.  Please see the comments within the consultant section.  I’ve used his services.  Great ideas, common sense.  Also, reviews copy for a set fee.
  • Jeffrey Dobkin. Awesome direct response copywriter. The website is full of great tips on how to increase response, increase loyalty, sell the response, and the “single most important piece of paper.” Entertaining style.
  • Hoffman Marketing Communications.  Translate high-tech jargon into marketing white papers, brochures, web content, newsletters, etc. Great articles on the value of white papers, good writing guidelines, sales guidelines, etc.

Direct Response

  • Computer Market Research. A great source for lists of resellers (with e-mails). Classified with certifications. Ask for Del and mention Chanimal.
  • National Mail Order Association.  Just know they exist.
  • The VAR City. Has an excellent database of qualified VARs–the same list they use regularly to recruit VARs for other companies. Reasonable pricing, excellent response.
  • VARBusiness. Searchable databases of VARs and integrators. This one links to the VARBusiness 500 resellers.
  • ChannelWeb. Consolidated website containing content from VARBusiness (above) and others. Has over 200,000 solution providers via this link. It is not comprehensive and is missing a lot of resellers I know personally, but it has a lot of accounts.
  • Pinpoint. List of Microsoft Resellers.

Distributors (wholesale)

  • Ingram Micro. 800-456-8000. They are the world’s largest wholesale high-tech distributor.
  • Tech Data. 727-539-7429. Used to concentrate on VARs. Now universal.
  • Avnet. Electronics distributor. Ranked #1 in Fortune magazine’s list of most admired companies.
  • Douglas Stewart. Distributor for schools.
  • Infogrames.  Games distributor. Now Atari.
  • Visco Entertainment. (888)291-1900. Entertainment distributor.
  • D&H Distributors. Handle PC, education, Home Entertainment , Security and Government products.
  • Activision Value. Games distributor.

Event Marketing – Trade Show

  • Mobile Marketing Solutions.  Comprehensive trade show equipment for mobile (roadshow) events..
  • 123 Signup. Online software for event registration and membership management. Handles database, payment, reservations, nice.


  • Please see the Finance Resources within the, “How To Finance A High-Tech Start-Up Video” section for a complete section with links about financing.


Graphic Design (box, collateral)

  • JH&A Advertising. This firm designed my packaging at Motorola and Metrowerks.  They follow the Chanimal Guidelines and do good work.  Not cheap, but very good. Recently became Steel Digital Studios.

Human Resources (HR) – Also, See Recruiting

  • Culpepper. Has a great budget and financial ratios, job descriptions, etc.
  • A lot of salary information.


  • SoftDatabase. A huge international database of over 32,000 VARs, System Integrators and ISV’s. Many are added, others are self-registered. Specifically for enterprise software. In addition to a database, they also consult and have helped over 100 companies (small and very large) setup sales and distribution in Europe and China.
  • The York Group. Have local offices and partners throughout the world. It can help with international global channel development, channel sales, international marketing, business development for software, wireless, and information technology products.


  • ClickZ Network – “The Ultimate Resource for Doing Business On-line.”  This entire site, which is packed with content, is dedicated to Web site marketing issues.  Their positioning statement is also close to mine.
  • Dan Janel.  Unlike other industry consultants, Dan has written over six books about on-line marketing (Online Marketing Handbook,  Risky Business, Guide to Marketing on the Internet, etc.).  He consults, speaks, can be on the board of advisers, etc.
  • eMarketer – “Where Business Begins On-line.”  Site’s own description: A one-stop resource for online marketing information, eMarketer is the first stop for everyone doing business online. Complete and comprehensive, it searches the web for articles on e-commerce and then aggregates, filters, organizes and analyzes the statistics, news and information business people and web marketers need to succeed online.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

  • BlueHost. This is where Chanimal is hosted. Consistently rated in the top 5 for best ISP for WordPress.


  • Aber Law Firm. Jeremy specializes in software law and helps with EULA, SAAS Contracts, Channel Agreements, Software Licensing, Software Litigation, Reverse Engineering, Open Source Licensing, OEM Agreements, API Licensing, Trademarks and MUCH more. I’ve met him at a conference and he’s a nice guy.


  •  This on-line bidding location often has refurbished and older inventory that is sold on an open auction, or at low opening bids.

Magazines – Marketing Related (also see Newsletters)

Management Training

  • FranklinCovey.  Stephen R. Covey is the author of “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.”  Franklin Day Planners are part of the other-side of the business.  Both offered incredible seminars that change the way you manage time and people.
  • Kenneth Blanchard.  Author of the One Minute Manager series.  I highly recommend.

Marketing Resources

  • Software Market Solution. A directory of resources for high-tech marketers. Compiled by Rick Chapman, author of SoftLetter and The Product Marketing Manager’s Handbook for Software. Consider it an advanced version of this links page.
  • PaloAlto Software. Makers of Marketing Plan Pro, Business Plan Pro, Advertising Plan Pro, and others.  I haven’t tried these out, but they seem to contain many of the proper categories in template form to help create an effective plan.


  • No links.  Had Blitz America, but they are no longer in business. Please feel free to suggest a link.

Newsletters – paper and electronic (also see Reports)

  • SoftLetter.  Soft•letter is a twice-monthly insider’s newsletter that reports on trends in personal computer software publishing. Written for an audience of senior-level industry executives, Soft•letter tracks emerging technologies, financial and operations benchmarks, product development, and marketing strategies.
  • Guerilla Marketing.  This weekly e-mail newsletter is FREE and is sent out by the authors of Guerilla Marketing. I subscribe and would recommend it to all as a primary source of new ideas.  Lot on to their site and subscribe.

OEM & Open Source

  • The OEM Software Licensing Site.  This site contains the Stromian’s OEM Software Licensing Guide which explains all the ins and outs of software OEM licensing deals.  Also, this site contains the Open Source Software Licensing Page which contains information about how to establish an open-source agreement (i.e., Linux, etc.).  The author also offers OEM consulting.

Public Relations (PR)

  • The PetersGroup.  I used this group at Metrowerks, Motorola, and GE.  A mid-sized firm with the personal attention of a small company.  Exception promotional PR
  • Lorenzo Communications. Cristina came from The PetersGroup where she handled much of the day to day activity. Very good, gets ink. Great value.
  • PRWeb. FREE newswire service. They post via opt-in e-mail (like Bacon’s), on search engines, assisted by PR Newswire, etc. They operate by contributions and have some nice upgrades for modest prices. I paid $30 to upgrade to include immediate paid Google listing, plus other wire services. A lot less than the $300-$400 for PR Newswire.
  • Cunningham.  I’ve used them with mixed success. They get a lot of ink, but they could not keep to their budget (usually over twice the allocation (billed me $27k with a $10k budget!). Listing this as a warning not to use them.
  • Clipping Services. This links to over 20 clipping services listed within the PR section of Chanimal.
  • The Internet Press Guild.  This is a very simple site that helps you understand how the editor’s think.


  • SoftwarePricing.  This site contains resources to help software companies set prices and discounts for their products and services.

Product Management

  • 280Group. The 280 Group helps companies define, launch and market breakthrough new products by providing Consultants, Contractors, Training, and Templates
  • Pragmatic Marketing. Now called Pragmatic Institute. Has excellent training courses in Product Management. Also, sign up for the valuable monthly newsletter with all the latest trends, trends, salaries, etc. for product managers.


  • Broderbund.  Broderbund has an affiliate label publishing program where they will use their resources to help launch a software product.
  • Avanquest. Owns their products and publishes others. Including the MySoftware line.
  • MacMillan Publishing.  They publish a lot of previous versions–a great way to milk sales out of previous version applications.

Recruiters – Help Wanted

  • Headhunter. This is one of the best sites that I have found. They have thousands of listing and the search engine is the most accurate of the lot.  They also have a place to post your resume.  This is the only place I found where I got calls from recruiters.
  • One of the better job boards for hi-tech positions.
  • Monster. One of the most popular job boards. Used to have a poor search engine, now it is one of the best–be sure to subscribe to the automatic daily/weekly e-mail notice of openings.


  • Financial Benchmark Collection ($95!).  Here are the up-to-date numbers you need to benchmark PC software company performance–employee productivity, sales growth, cost ratios, executive salaries, and much more. Collection includes three Soft•letter special reports for just $95: 1) SoftLetter 100 (top 100 software companies with revenues,  ratios, etc.), 2) Annual Financial Ratios (see how you compare, use to set your budgets), and 3) Executive Compensation from 261 executives (CEO, COO, VP Marketing, Sales, Engineering, etc.).

Research (also see Usability Studies) & Business Intelligence

  • Hoover.  Proclaimed as “The Ultimate Source for Company Information.”  Linked through AOL.
  • Culpepper.  It contains market studies on hi-tech salaries, most profitable software companies, effective software marketing (contains software marketing budget ratios for successful companies), primary market research, etc.
  • SpyFu. Free pay-per-click (PPC) advertising stealth weapon. See how much your competition is spending on pay-per-click and their results.
  • Infrasystems has a great “been there, done that” section that explains how to get product information from high-tech sources.  It contains practical information on how to conduct customer surveys, setup user testing, councils, and product advisory boards.

Reseller Training / Merchandising

  • MarketStar.  The original channel training corporation starting in 1989 (was called TempReps, then Technology Advancement Corporation.  Represented IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, HP, Canon, Corel, WordPerfect, Novel, Ashton-Tate, Franklin Covey, Autodesk, etc.
  • The Distribution Network. One of the nation’s largest US and Canadian rep firms – handles sales and distribution.

Sales Leads

  • The VAR City. Has an excellent database of qualified VARs–the same list they use regularly to recruit VARs for other companies. Reasonable pricing, excellent response.
  • VARBusiness. Searchable databases of VARs and integrators. This one links to the VARBusiness 500 resellers. ChannelWeb has the “master” directory that includes the 500.
  • Chain Store Guide. I used to buy their CDs of chain store locations and contacts. Now it is all online. Great for retail but also several vertical chains.

Sales Training & Incentives

  • Zig Ziglar Corporation.  All of these provide “hard” skills (closing, objections, etc.).
  • Brian Tracy International. Brian Tracy is one of the all-time great sales trainers. Visit his site for seminar information, for books, videos, and tapes.
  • Tom Hopkins. Another of the all-time great sales trainers. Visit his site for books, tapes, seminars and the monthly newsletter with motivation tapes. Click here for the Tom Hopkins “Tip of the Day.”
  • Brooks group. Small to the medium-sized company that develops sales management training courses, sales solutions, sales seminars, and do motivational speaking.

Usability Studies (also see Research)

Venture Capital

  • See the Finance link within the video section, ‘How to Finance a High-Tech Start-Up” for MANY more links and resources.
  • Austin Ventures.  Based in Austin, TX.  Manage a very large fund.
  • – They start up startups.  A great place to investigate funding.

White Papers

  • That White Paper Guy. Learn how to write a white paper and case study. Great resources including great Q&A, articles, book reviews. Also, Gordon Graham can write your white paper from scratch for a fixed fee, or edit existing first drafts on an hourly basis.