“Typical” Consultant Prices – What You Would Usually Pay

Chanimal’s world-class consulting services or project work would usually only be available on a monthly retainer within the range of $12,000 to $37,000 per month, or at a billable rate of $400 to $700 an hour (many consultants don’t tell you their hourly rates–but this is what they would work out to, based on the actual time they provide). Chanimal has billed out at over $700 and more per hour for specific projects or events.

However, the point of the Micro Consulting program is to keep rates affordable enough for new start-ups (where there is often the greatest impact). Divisions of larger companies can also take advantage of these lower rates, but only under the same up-front retainer model (not net 30, or unusual contract conditions, etc.–or it is not part of the “Micro Consulting” agreement).

Chanimal Micro Consulting Prices

Chanimal has three pricing models. Two are up-front retainers, and one is hourly net-30. It usually takes the same amount of time to setup your program and start recruiting–it’s just a matter of budget per month and how fast you want to move.

  • 10 Hour Micro Consulting
  • $2,750
  • – 3 meetings per week
    – Min 10 hours consulting
    Usually enough time to define, create policies and start recruiting


    Includes the Chanimal portal (sells for $7,000 separately), plus over $700 worth of databases & content), and 75% off the price to become a Certified Channel Manager

  • 25 Hour Micro Consulting
  • $5,000

  • – 5 meetings per week
    – Min 25 hours consulting
    Used when you want to accelerate setting up your program, or need project help

    Includes all the extras for the prior level–but more time and a cheaper price per hour.


$2,750 Monthly Retainer for up to 10 hours. For a nominal cost, you can retain Chanimal for the month and gain access to up to 10 hours of consulting or project work (that’s typically 3 meetings per week (we try to meet every other day to review & work on deliverables)).

My record is being able to define, set up the policies, create the portal and content, and create an entire world-class reseller partner program from scratch, and get to recruiting in less than 10 hours.

$5,000 Monthly Retainer for up to 25 hours. For only $5,000 you can retain Chanimal for the month and gain access to up to 25 hours of consulting or project work. Higher hours = faster implementation (for more complex programs with an affiliate, alliances, OEMs or just want to get started quicker).

These prices are available on a limited availability basis–since I can only work with a certain number of companies at a time. Even still, I work from 5:30 am to 5:30 pm and usually have 8 to 10 meetings every weekday since I work with 6 – 18 companies simultaneously. Please call or e-mail for availability.

“His mission is NOT to lead you into longer and more expensive engagements, but to deliver value in any time period you hire him. Ted under promised and over delivered for me. His repeatable processes, templates and deep experience enables him to cover more ground faster than anyone I’ve ever seen.”

“With Ted’s help, tasks that would normally take 1-2 months can be completed in a week’s time.”

Return On Investment – 1,000 x Return!

Efforts to build a channel typically receive the highest ROI of any marketing activity–the channel is the great multiplier.

If your average deal size is only $100 per month (SaaS model), that’s $1,200 per year. If you recruit just one reseller, and they sell one deal every couple of months, that is $7,200 per year. Your average reseller may continue for over five years–so each reseller is worth $36,000 (minimum).

If your deals are larger–each partner could easily be worth $50,000. If you recruit over 100 partners (small–some programs have thousands)–that’s worth over $5 million.

If you spend just a few months putting together your program, and it cost $5,500 for the help… that is almost a 1,000 times return. I’d take that deal any time!

In addition, at $2,750 per month for Micro Consulting–that’s the equivalent of spending $33,000/year on an employee–which is cheap. Especially since the average college student makes over $37,000 right out of college… with no experience.

Case Study – 7,138 x Return

For larger companies, with an existing channel–the return can be even higher. One company (that I’ve worked with four times since I set up and recruited their initial channel in 1992), needed help with their reseller channel. They wanted to profile their partners to recruit more–just like their best ones. I completed the assessment but realized they should first fix their existing program before adding to it.

They had developed a lot of holes. First, only about 11% of their partners had gone through orientation. Even those accounts usually only had one person trained–and one partner had over 150 salespeople. Also, only 13% of their partners had the product on their website (yet they were still sending them leads).  They had over 200 channel field reps that each concentrated on their top 50 resellers.

I first trained the regional managers on how to get back to the block and tackle basics–then they trained their teams. Most companies achieve the typical 80% partners NOT selling and 20% selling. My ratios are 82% selling–and you’re working hard to get the other 18% trained and motivated to sell.

After we made all the program fixes and their teams completed the basics–the company reported a $257 million dollar DELTA increase in their channel for the quarter (the HIGHEST revenues ever).  After considering the modest amount charged–they achieved a 7,138 return on their investment.

Somebody was going to be getting some big bonuses!

How To Leverage Your Micro Consulting – Hire an Intern

With most projects, Chanimal is teamed with an in-house person to work on deliverables. However, about 70% of the time, Chanimal is teamed with an intern (click here to see how I work with interns (the “secret weapon” (used 9 to launch Netscape)–and I can help you quickly find them).

This often works better than an existing internal person–since they already have a full-time job. Chanimal can coach and train somebody in-house or can work with an intern–which can dramatically speed up execution (I avg 1-2 hours of my time per 10 hours of an intern’s time).

This is the same model I used to launch Netscape (had five interns), or as a Sr. VP at Motorola (had four interns) and MOST of my companies get interns. They are affordable, HIGHLY motivated, and can often give you more focus than an internal employee…who already has a full-time job.

If you are an intern that is lucky enough to be considered as a candidate for an internship with Ted, fight to get it and be ready to learn ALOT. He is the best manager I have worked with so far because he is not only great at finding talent but he is really great at actually teaching you his methods. He is very patient, extremely knowledgeable, and delegates tasks confidently. ”

“If there is a shortage of staff to do all the work Ted even manages to find very able interns to assist. He certainly has every angle covered and cannot be recommended enough.”

When you consider that I might work 10 hours per 100 hours of an intern’s time (at $10/hour) in a month, it works out to only $35 per hour for the combined time–unheard of rates! (which is one of the reasons why the Chanimal model was a Top 5 Finalist for CompTia’s “Best Service” award).

BTW, many of the prestigious consulting firms also hire interns–and they pay them $10 an hour but mark it up to bill you $200! Mine are hired directly by you (I help you to find them)–no pass-through margin. Some of these Chanimal interns now work at Microsoft, Red Hat (their VP Channels was a newbie trained by Chanimal), Red Storm, EMC, Bain and Company, and Motorola. One of the interns later became a consultant with Bain, another is a VP for a 20,000 person company, another heads up channels for a multi-billion corporation–and some even formed their own start-ups.

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