Chanimal Display Ad Evaluation – only $249

Most display ads are ineffective. They may look good (and be very creative), but they don’t pull. Even the decent ones I’ve seen are still missing key elements to maximize ROI. In fact, I completed a review of over25 ads for a major reseller publication, and only found three that had a chance of pulling any substantial leads. This is mainly because all too often it is the graphical designers (internally or at an ad agency), not marketing, that is making the display ad decisions (and too many marketing folks don’t know the difference well enough to provide proper direction).

At other times, especially within large corporations, the divisions are required to follow a corporate template. Unfortunately, this corporate template was designed by corporate marketing–and their “product” is the company. Their elements may further the company brand identity but at the expense of selling the product. In contrast, I believe that the best way to brand a customer…is to get them to buy your product (put your brand right on their hindquarters–so to speak). This serves the needs of the corporation and the divisions who have quotas to meet and product to sell.

Your ad will be compared to the Chanimal Display Ad Guidelines (for sale at $24.95, or available for free by registering). These guidelines were developed and refined first, by following tried and true direct response principles. And second, by measuring the number of leads from hundreds of campaigns and refining them to maximize the return.

Having executed the launch of some of the best-selling products in the world, with over 322 promotions by day 200, the number of leads at one of my own companies increased 35 times (resulting in record sales). While a VP of Marketing at Fortune 100 $130 billion corporations, I applied these same guidelines and our number of leads increased by 9 times. In fact, we won an award, not for design, but for, “The most leads of any advertiser,” by one of our major publications.



“Our internal ad designer didn’t like being “restricted” by the guidelines. However, once he started working, he appreciated the framework and could create around it. When the ads started pulling like a worm in a stocked pond–he grinned and claimed full credit for its success (fine with me–we just wanted the leads!).”

“With an average display ad campaign ranging from $15 – $75k. What’s $249 to get it right?”

I invite you to contact me to determine a time frame to complete the evaluation and recommendation. As a plus, when the review is completed, I am available by phone to go over it with you, your staff and designer (or ad agency).  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ted Finch

100% Guaranteed

guarantee_smallThis service comes with a no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee. If you do not believe the analysis and recommendations will significantly improve the effectiveness of your ad campaign you will not be charged anything.


Chanimal Packaging Evaluation – Only $199

Allow Chanimal to provide you a complete retail package evaluation and recommendation of your software product packaging. This is a complete no-holds-barred evaluation comparing your retail (or VAR) packaging against the 9 page Chanimal Packaging Guidelines (for sale at $19.95, or available for FREE for registering).

As a marketing purist, I don’t have an opinion, until it is confirmed through research and practical experience. These Chanimal Packaging Guidelines were developed over several years by compiling the feedback from dozens of software buyers (from CompUSA, Fry’s, Best Buy, Media Play, etc.), numerous packaging articles, and from thousands of reseller and end-user surveys from hundreds of product launches.  It also helped that my former company was the group (with over one million promotions under its belt) that did the actual primary research for several major packaging reports. These other companies charged $1,000 for a packaging evaluation – 5 times the cost for the Chanimal Packaging Evaluation!

Unfortunately, packaging decisions are often emotional, politically charged decisions (which is sometimes why the packaging is so poor)–I just tell it like it is, without having to be politically correct and let you take it for what it’s worth. You can then refer back to my documentation to negotiate with management and design to get the packaging done correctly.

Packaging_NetscapeFrom these same packaging, guidelines came several national best-selling products, including Netscape Navigator–the #1 best-selling product at the time.

“It’s amazing to see how little some software vendors, small and large ones, know about effective packaging,” said Mike Smith, CompUSA buyer.  “Some of the designs are so sophisticated that the product positioning gets lost in the clutter.  Others have sent their software in cardboard boxes without any design.”  (from a conversation while at RetailVision)

From my own experience, I was having a hard time finding a specific software title while I was in an Egghead store location (when they used to be the top software retailer).  I asked the rep to help me find it and he brought me right back to where I was standing, bent down and pulled the software to the front and said,

“Gosh, I wish vendors would put their product names on the bottom half of the box. That way you can still read the name, even if it is on the bottom shelf.”

He then pointed out that when the first box gets sold, the remaining titles get hidden by the shelf–which is why I couldn’t find it.

In addition, with the evaluation, you get a complete copy of the Chanimal Packaging Guidelines attached as an MS Word document. These guidelines contain the parameters and acid tests that I typically give to the design team to develop the packaging. Plus, I am available to review my recommendations by phone with you and your staff. Often I can provide valuable suggestions on getting it past the buyer, etc.

Following is an unsolicited testimonial:


Call or E-mail me (use the e-mail address at bottom) if you would like to find out about the time frame to complete the packaging evaluation. If you e-mail, then please include your name, phone number, company, Web site, software title, etc. and I’ll usually reply within the day.

Considering that the cost of designing an average retail package is $7,000, what’s $199 to get it right (or risk spending thousands more to fix it later)!  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ted Finch

100% Guaranteed

guarantee_smallThis service comes with a no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee. If you do not believe the analysis and recommendations will significantly improve the effectiveness of your product packaging you will not be charged anything.


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