Following are examples of some of the Virtual VP Marketing and Consulting projects:

What You Get

When you are part of the Chanimal Micro Consulting, it is all-inclusive and everything is included!  You get the following:

  1. Master Plan of Action. Detailed master plan in a Gantt chart format that shows the strategy (what to do and in what order) on the top, along with HOW to do each step (30+ pages of instructions).
  2. ALL Chanimal templates and kits:
  • Positioning Kit
  • Competitive matrix Kit
  • Internet Kit
  • Alliance Kit – part of the partner program
  • Affiliate Kit
  • Reseller Agreement Template
  • All policies (lead, MDF, deal registration, NFR, plus more), Reseller Templates (email template to promote your product, sample reseller page)
  • Partner Follow-up Worksheet
  • Channel Orientation Worksheet
  • Program Definition Worksheet (shows every element of your program with deliverables)
  • Market Info Template
  • Phone Dialogue to Recruit Resellers
  • Portal Overview Script
  • How to Set Quota Levels
  • Reseller Approval Template
  • Reseller Promotional Picklist
  • How to Determine Reseller Margins
  • Reseller PowerPoint Guidelines
  • Promotional Pick List
  • Sample Partner Quick-Start Guide
  • Reseller Email Recruiting Email Templates & Follow-up Process
  • Sources for Reseller Databases
  • Plus MORE!!
  1. Chanimal Database. Over 5,000 partners. Plus, instructions on how to gather more and import into your CRM.
  2. Portal Site. Over 50 pre-defined template pages with a format that has been tested and refined for over 10 years, pre-populated with industry best practices (lead policy, deal registration, NFR Policy, MDF Policy, etc.). Automatic email notification (plus the name gets stored in the MySQL database), newsletter distribution, reseller location, auto-notify forms, reseller forum, reseller levels (and a program to manage access), global search and replace, site backup, menu swapping, plus more. Uses WordPress so you can add content, install additional plug-ins and modify the template and structure at will.

What type of help to expect – Examples

  • Channel Setup & Positioning. Worked hand-in-hand with the VP of Marketing for a start-up hardware company to build its entire channel strategy and program from scratch. Completed it way ahead of schedule (waiting for the product to finish and will assist with their launch). I also helped with pricing, naming, the marketing plan, competitive analysis, and customer validation, and helped validate the strategy with the board and CEO.
  • Marketing Department Re-Boot. Helped one large multi-billion company to re-boot their entire marketing department. This included cross-training the team members, setting up the plan of action, writing the marketing plan, hiring two Directors, setting up lead tracking systems, hiring internal and external PR, revising the entire look and feel of the division, working with product managers to get rid of non-product manager tasks, helped train sales on new product lines, setup new promotional campaigns to garner sales leads. Won an award from one publication for the most leads of any vendor. Helped achieve record sales and the division president was promoted.
  • Start-up Website, SEO & Video. Revised and re-did a startup website to be more marketing-friendly, and less engineering. I also did search engine optimization, etc. Created streaming  videos (a secondary business of Chanimal)  to better demonstrate product
  • Helped with Funding and Acquisition. Helped a consumer cell phone application software start-up get more financing (produced video), set up the first strategic marketing plan, helped set up an alliance with Motorola and Nokia, and helped get into Handango. The company was successfully acquired by Microsoft.
  • Setup Channel Program from Scratch. Helped reboot a 20-year-old software company that was selling directly to build the entire reseller program from scratch. Created go-to-market strategy, helped mentor and train an existing employee as a channel manager, created a reseller program from scratch (levels, margins, PowerPoints, promotions, recruiting e-mail copy, portal), and helped recruit. Very successful. The Channel Manager is currently swamped.
  • Positioning, Branding, Logo. Helped dozens of companies to determine their positioning, create their brand, and logos, and generate brand equity.
  • Brought SaaS Company to the Next Level. Helped an Internet SasS company to set up a “next level” strategy and execution. Included a complete review of existing programs, and a new plan of action and strategy, resulting in the first online ombudsman, affiliate program, partner program, alliance program, first telemarketing (scripting, training, mentoring), etc. Hired and trained interns to help with the project.
  • Got Consumer Product Into Retail. Worked with a consumer goods start-up to name and package their product, establish merchandising, hooked them up with the right rep firm, created the reseller presentations and kits, and moved it into the top retail and mass merchants (Frys, CompUSA, Walmart, Target, Media Play, and more).
  • Optimized Existing VAR Program. Helped a software company with a well-established VAR program, revise their program and policies (return policy, map pricing, levels, ways to train) to accommodate new retail locations that would be stocking the product.
  • Created a Software Start-Up. Helped a division of a large company take an existing product created by internal IT and get it commercialized. Included naming, pricing, packaging, alliances, writing much of the marketing plan, and participating in meetings to move it forward. The division was successfully acquired by another company.
  • Took Internet Company Into US–Re-built Marketing. Helped an enterprise software company from Australia to establish a US operation. Helped rename the product, position it, hooked them up with the PR person to engage with analysts and press, helped interview US marketing candidates, wrote brochure copy, reviewed and revised sales presentations, set up alliance and reseller programs from scratch.  The latest round of funding was $180 million and they are now on the Inc. 100 Fastest Growing Companies list.

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